2020 septic tank regulations – what you need to know

What will the 2020 changes to septic tank regulations mean for you ?

Septic tank changes. Not the most appealing line but its something anyone with a septic tank and in particular anyone wishing to sell their house are going to need to brush up on.

The main focus of the changes are to ensure untreated effluent from septic tanks does not end up in our rivers and streams.

There are a series of binding rules you must be able to comply to in order to retain your existing system. In reality few properties will qualify.
Most properties pre-sale or to comply generally will need to replace the system with a sewage treatment plant and the appropriate method of disposing of its treated output.

To cut through the red tape let Lincolnshire Drainage Solutions guide you through the process to achieve compliance.

The legal profession are now taking this matter seriously, articles are posted continually to advise potential property vendors of the changes to the law and the requirements and compliance documentation they will need to legally convey your property.

Without these changes you will not be able to sell your property.!!!.

Google “2020 septic tank regulations” and a whole host of detail appears. Alternatively contact the team at Lincolnshire Drainage Solutions and let us take the stress out of the situation.

Find out more on how we can assist you with compliance here.

I will be continuing to post articles on this website detailing any further changes or patterns in the industry, alternatively email at info@lincolnshiredrainagesolutions.co.uk me or call me on 07902 688279 to discuss. I look forward to hearing from you.

Mark Grantham
Technical Director

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