Implementation of 2020 compliance requirements starting to pick up speed

As we go into May the effects of Conveyancing Solicitors realising their obligations to purchasing clients is really hitting home and having a real effect on many property sales and transactions.

We are getting enquires from house owners selling, potential buyers and solicitors all seeking advise and solutions to the general binding rules that are effecting house sales in varying ways ( mainly this is delaying transactions and causing a lot of stress for vendors and buyers alike.)

Sellers are waiting till they have a buyer before looking at their own potential issues and then are shocked to learn they may need planning permission etc, the lead time to install can be into months and therefore completion is delayed and they could lose their buyer who goes for a house with no legal compliance issues. ( don’t be caught out act now if your selling or thinking of selling.)

If you have a septic tank establish as soon as you decide to sell what, if anything, you need to do to meet the general binding rules and achieve legal compliance.

We can assist in that with a full appraisal and survey of the existing system. If work is needed we can advise on the best way forward, the relevant costs etc and action the work so you can move forward and sell your property with no problems.

If you have a septic tank, and your discharging to surface water, dyke, river, stream or lake it’s illegal and has been since 2015.  After Jan 2020 you could receive a substantial fine if your discharge is discovered.

The E.A. will be checking, they have a data base and know every address not connected to mains drainage.

You wouldn’t drive a car with no mot, bald tyres and no brakes, lights or indicators.
The potential fines for breaching the Discharge to surface water are far more onerous than for the above.

The E.A.’s view is this issue has been law since 2015 ( although little publicised) and “ignorance is not an excuse “ .

Don’t delay your potential property sale or risk a hefty fine , let us advise you on the best way to achieve compliance .

The months to Jan 2020 are passing quickly and the whole industry is picking up pace with all things connected, don’t be left behind. It is generally accepted 60% of the U.K. population will be effected by these law changes. The demand on skilled labour, goods and services generally has the potential to create long delays.

Please contact us for a no obligation consultation by phone or email.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Further articles will be published on a regular basis on this “ latest news“ section of our website as to any updates on how house owners and the industry deals with these issues going forward into 2020.

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