Vortex 6 Activated Sludge Sewage Treatment Plant

Our recent project in North Nottinghamshire , Vortex 6 Activated Sludge Sewage Treatment Plant.

This is a highly advanced unit from WTE for who we are an approved installer.

This unit provides high quality treatment in a variety of situations either when dealing with high or low inputs of Biomass ( poo & wee !!! ) and can be adjusted to suit all situations. The result being high quality discharge results at all times . Quite unique in the U.K. market.

Highly cost effective to run and maintain and competitively priced this unit is a potential option for many clients wishing to achieve the appropriate standard of treatment at all times especially where house size dictates a larger plant whilst in reality the house has a small population.

This is a major issue with many of the standard type plants available as the they have one setting only and require the appropriate amount of Biomass to operate to their full potential.

An issue many installers choose to overlook.

This site has a watercourse adjacent that flows for most of the year , therefore a “ summer soakaway “ was installed with final outfall to the flowing watercourse.

All works were approved by Building Control under a building Notice.  The client is now fully compliant with the 2015 regulations.

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