6 PE Marsh Ensign installed on a New Build Project

Not all our installations are on existing properties, pre-Xmas installation was a 6 PE Marsh Ensign installed on a New Build Project near Horncastle.

In addition to installing the sewage treatment plant and infiltration field we also were entrusted to install all required drainage for the project.

The project had a tight schedule and many thanks to Marsh Industries for arranging delivery to site of the treatment plant at short notice.

The client only commenced work on site mid summer and we had to complete pre-Xmas with a operational system as they were moving in prior to New Year.

We worked through some of the wettest site conditions experienced in my 25 plus years on site.

To tidy the site as pic 4 was a satisfying moment considering the conditions.

The Marsh Ensign is a cost effective solution, offering low running and maintenance costs. The units are simple to install offered in various options to overcome individual site requirements.

We are pleased to offer Marsh Products to clients across all sectors as an approved installer.

Please follow this website for ongoing case studies of our installations of their products.

Alternatively search Marsh Industries for full information on their products, please contact us for any assistance in choosing or sizing the unit for your project.

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