Fat trap and interceptor design and installation


Discharging fat laden waste water can lead to expensive blockages

For hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, schools or anyone involved in mass catering we can design and install fat traps to prevent excessive amounts of fat residues entering the drainage system at the premises in question.

Discharging fat laden waste water can lead to expensive blockages and if the drains are served by a sewage treatment plant excessive fat will hinder the biological process and cause major issues.

We work with all the leading U.K. manufacturers of fat traps and treatments to tailor the most effective and cost effective solution as appropriate.

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Interceptor design and installation

Anyone undertaking a large paved area on a commercial premises, be it car park, yard area, is legally obligated to prevent oil based contaminates entering the surface water system or water course they are using to dispose of the run off water.

We can size and design a system to suit any area, paving type etc. Working with U.K. suppliers we can ensure a compliant installation that is cost effective to install and maintain in the long term.

We can also design and install any drainage infrastructure to collect the surface water and to connect to interceptor and through to point of disposal.
We can also undertake the civil element of any type of car park construction as required and design a full scheme or work to your plans.

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Our specialist knowledge and experience combined with the extensive range of products we can access means we can offer a competitive, quality solution to your requirements with minimal long term maintenance cost .