Sewage treatment plants installation to ensure 2020 compliance


Are you compliant with the 2020 septic tank regulations?

The Law has changed… Are you compliant?

If you have a septic tank that discharges directly to a surface water you will need to replace or upgrade your treatment system.

After January 2020 anyone with a septic tank has new obligations under UK Law.

Discharging effluent from a septic tank (common practice across the country) into any type of watercourse becomes illegal..

Enforcement will come from the Environment Agency and substantial fines can be levied.

As this is now a legal requirement anyone selling a property with a septic tank will have to be able to prove compliance with the current legislation and critically prove that discharge to a watercourse is not part of the system.

Generally in most parts of the UK this will mean replacement of the existing septic tank with an appropriately sized sewage treatment plant either discharging to a adjacent water course or into a new and correctly designed infiltration field (often referred to as a soakaway).

This will need planning permission, and building regulatory approval to prove legal compliance for the convening solicitors on both sides of the property sale and for the benefit of any lender involved in the purchase.

If you are considering buying or selling a property with an existing septic tank we can survey the property and ascertain your options and provide costings for the work required.

If your an existing homeowner with a septic tank the same rules and obligations apply.

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The general binding rules are complicated as to your options and possible compliance or not.

Let Lincolnshire Drainage Solutions survey and advise. Our Friendly team will cut through the legal jargon and provide you with a simple and cost effective solution.